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Wearing and my relationship

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This is a first time blog entry for me ever, and I'm also writing this in the wee hours of the morning, so please bear with me :p

So I am nearly 8 months into the most interesting relationship I have been in so far. I met her during a turbulent time in my life: I was smoking pot nearly every 2 hours, I barely worked 10 hours a week and my grades were plummeting the closer I got to what should have been my graduation. But, she pulled me out of the hole. I stopped smoking, got a decent job, started paying off my debts, broke free of my parents' puppeteering clutches, and I finally lost my virginity. Though 21 is a bit of a late start, I'm glad she was my first and I wouldn't mind if she would be my last.

Anywho, kinks eventually became a topic, and after a considerable amount of pestering me, she finally got it out of me that I like diapers, but I initially didn't make a big deal out of it. She seemed interested in it, so I went out and got a small pack of the l/xl goodnites for girls. After spending a few good nites together (pun intended), I got a sample pack of Bambino's Bellissimos, as I wanted to show her just how good a diaper lover's products can be.

And here's where things got awkward. After going through the whole diapering experience (cream, powder, topped off with a Nuk 5), we decided to go walk her dog around my neighborhood's trails. She was wearing a maxi skirt and I cargo shorts, so there was no worrying about people seeing us. This was getting to be nearly too much for me. Until her, I never shared this experience with anyone. And now we were in public wearing the thickest diaper on the market (at the time). I was overwhelmed. But when we got back to my apartment, nature finally came knocking; she was going to try wetting. Once she had, she immediately started taking it off.

Now here's where I made a mistake. She had it in her mind that pee is disgusting and shouldn't be handled except to be put in the toilet. I instinctively reached out to feel, since that's the thing to do to check for wetness. I guess it felt kinda kinky to me to feel someone else's pee in a diaper for once. She didn't want any of that though. I should have heeded her first "No", but everything was going perfectly up to this point. I couldn't help myself, and she got very defensive, and said that this is where she drew the line.

Ever since then, she has had fairly negative views about it. I probably ruined the whole experience because of my persistent pushing of her boundaries that day.
I rarely have asked her to wear at all since that day. But, I continued to wear and she has respected my interest in the lifestyle. She has been very...opinionated on the whole thing, but overall has accepted me wearing.

Now, up to that point, my wearing had been recreational and sporadic. But within the last couple months, I have started making a decent income, and have had a better chance to buy cases. I kinda started wearing 24/7 without even thinking about it. But, as some of you may know or will learn, people close to you will eventually find out. She finally told me one day, "you've been wearing a lot lately..." and I blurted out without much forethought, "what if I told you I wanted to wear full-time?"

This seemed like a little too much for her to handle, but she only asked that I don't wear diapers in public with her. I respected her wish, but it wasn't too long until that wish died out. Just today, I went shopping at the mall with her mom and sister wearing a TSM under my jeans. She knew about it and didn't say a word about it. Basically, for nearly the last 2 months, I have been wearing nonstop, except for Thanksgiving with my family. Presently, she seems to be fine with it, but sometimes shoots a glance at me padding up and rolls her eyes.

Her acceptance has continued to grow as my wish to be a 24/7 wearer has come to fruition, and I think it has made my love for her grow. We have your normal couple's arguments, we practically live together, and we have sex semi-regularly (at least once a week). I slowly feel like I am growing into the person I want to be while also making sure she doesn't sacrifice her ambitions for my sake. I'm going into my final semester anxiously, but as long as she's by my side and a diaper is on my butt, I feel like I could take on an alien invasion :D

Anyways, that's my story I guess. I felt like I needed to get this out there for my own memory, and maybe someone might enjoy reading about my life. If you like it, let me know.
Hope everyone has a happy holiday, however you celebrate it :)

Diaper on!

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