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Yet another attempt at a blog post.

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Hello me again, first off I feel scene i started writhing this, I feel better, about my Abdl side, I haven't fully accepted it yet but at least i know what to do to not let it effect my life,and i know its a part of me that really likes fun and everything, and other than the usual problems things are seeming to perk up now, so anyway, I have been having trouble on women's clothing sizes due to the way they are sised, and to mesure them, I know i can fit into a L/XL Girls goodnight, other than that i don't really know much else than that. Also i am thinking about getting a furaffinty and fetlife page, but i am still kinda on the fence about that, also i am thinking about posting my youtube channel link here, but I don't know if its a good idea or not, still I know other people do it but I'm still on the fence about it. Also, Due to it being Christmas, on Thursday, and McDonalds closing, I won't be here, but i will be back on Friday. so in advance, Merry Christmas.

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