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Another Attempt at a blog post.

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Hello, me again, as i was saying before I do have a bit of an anxiety issue, but one thing i can say I am Hopefully graduating next year, Although i didn't really pass my accounting class, I will admit something else, I have made wrong decetions, but the thing i realized is that no-one is perfect, only really god, and that everyone has at least broken one law or another, but god can forgive all, also i feel my fantasies and my High Functioning Autism/ Asperger Syndrome, has been given to me for a reason, the thing is as i said I'm not perfect, but still I have god and all of you to help out. Also my grandmother has gotten some testing done, and as it turns out we are Polish Jew. Not that i haven't really known, You see my grandmother has been in a Nazi concentration camp, where she lost her identity, and got adopted, and eventually returned to Germany, before the wall came down. and has been on both sides of the Berlin wall, as well as turning in Russian spies, I know it sounds like something out of a subspence novel, but it happened. The sad part is my brother is back to his Semi-evil ways, and trying to intimidate us again, the good news is that i can just go to my room, another sad part is the olny reason i talk to him is the fact that we have the same taste in gaming, anime and books, comic and regular, most of the time anyway, I honestly wish i can talk to other person about my interests, then i wouldn't have to see my bro all the time, another sad part is that there was one time i talked to my brother because i thought he was ABDL, due to like i said we share simeral interest in stuff, As one can surmise, it did not go well, still he did say later that a part of him wants to be little, and i tried telling him that he wasn't alone, he was like, HOW DO YOU KNOW, the thing is he just dosent want help, while i am trying to come to terms with my little side, as they say, God helps those who help themselves. and when he attempts to act macho i really want to , He sleeps with a pile of stuffed animals, which I can tell you, but I'm not gonna tell anyone else, because I don't do revenge, I even know an emberrising nickname that he hates, in fact, there are some things i can tell you all that are emberrising but i don't tell anyone due to me not having revenge, My grandmother says i am braver than my brother, and to be honest, i sorta agree, and sorta don't, also i am considering buying girly clothing to wear when i am in little mode, but other than its hard to senk it into the house, it is really hard to avoid other people, and really hard to determine sizing. Also i am thinking of posting my YouTube channel link here, but I'm not really sure if that's a good idea, or not, again i am sorry if this rambles, Its just I honestly feel the blogging helping, and i just wanted to say what is going on in my life now.

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