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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#244

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I did have a calm quiet late afternoon/early evening
"Adult Baby Time" alone by myself in my bedroom.
I mutely laid on my back and played with some of my
baby rattles.
I felt happy for a short time mutely regressed and
being a baby again.
Earlier in the day I drove down to a nursing home in
Wilmington, MA to visit my elderly cousin DCF.
He is in his early 80's, and he has Alzheimer's.
He does remember me still.
He was the "Best Man" at my late father's wedding
back in 1957 before I was born.
He was glad I came to see him.
Yesterday my little brother went down to vist him
before heading off to work.
I did not watch the political debate yesterday
From what I gleaned from the news reports, was that
the presidential candidates in the elephant party
were very bombastic and threatening all-out holy
war against infidel muslims.
Very bad...
Are they itching to ignite "Armageddon"?
I do not feel like getting nuked, because one of
the elephant party candidates wins the presidency
and then has access to the launch codes for all
of America's nuclear weapons.
It seems that a lot of people refer to a disabled
Adult Baby like myself as a deranged kook.
But, who is more of a kook, me, the Adult Baby or
some darn God-crazed hot-headed elephant party
megalomaniac who gets unlimited access to the
launch codes to the entire nuclear arsenal of our
I feel very scared, not for myself, but for the
entire nation, and also the entire world.
What is wrong with the entire outside world?
Why is everybody going nuts?
Why the Hell is hate, violence, and suffering
increasing at an exponential rate in the outside
Does God give a darn about all the injustice,
violence, and suffering people are causing, all
in his holy name?
At age 57, I now have to carry a stuffed animal
or one of my dolly friends around with me
everywhere, because the outside world is so darn
crazy, hate-filled, and unloving.
Anyway, the last 3 days, I have been watching the
SyFy Channel's adaption of author Arthur C.
Clarke's 'Childhood's End".
Perhaps we really need the "real" Overlords from
another alien solar system to show up and get
this planet "straightened out", once and for all.

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