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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#243

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Next week I have a $400.00 medical device bill.
I am getting a new pair of AFO Leg Braces for my Cerebral Palsy affected legs.
The new pair will be high-strength carbon-composite AFO's.
Well, a bit pricey, but hopefully they will last longer than my previous pair.
After the Orthotist appointment, I drove out to Nashua, NH to the Medical Supply Store just off of NH Route 101A for another package of XL-size TRANQUILITY ATN adult diapers.
To me, they are very baby-like and they are very absorbent.
They are rated at absorbing ~ 32 fluid ounces of pee-pee.
I did have 2 poopy diapers today.
Standing on my forearm crutches, I am not fast enough to ever get to a toilet on-time to stay clean and not be dirty with stinky brown poo-poo.
After I returned home, I did lie down for a long afternoon nap, and I admit to telling myself over and over, that:
"I AM A BABY!"...
I laid there in my bed between my side-safety rails, and reached over to clutch my dolly friend, "Emily", and I held her to my chest tightly and she protected me from the very bad people who want to hurt disabled and of course LGBT persons like me.
"Emily" dolly is my friend.
Dolly friends like "Emily" are mentally appropriate for a developmentally disabled autistic adult baby like me to hug and play with.
Grown-up stuff is not mentally appropriate for me.

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