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My attempt at a blog post.

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Hello, everyone, I apoligise if this post is a bit disjointed, I just get nervous writing about my personal life, and everything, because im afraid that people i know would see it, and know my true feelings, The thing is i know i am a christian, and a guy, but when ever i look up Transgender/sissy/abdl images/regression/sissy babyfur/Neko images/stories, a part of me just wants to be that person in that image and or story and be taken care of and wear dresses and act girly and babyish, i know im also a guy, and streaght and have responsibility's to my family and my college but still I just want to be little,also I never really cared for sports, but before i knew what Furries were, I admitingly liked the mascot costumes and the logos, and memorized the teams that way, and back when i was into Yugioh full throttle, in Elementary/middle school I even tried to make Mascot type Yugioh cards, also Even back before this became a fetish, when seeing shows like Arthur when they had a thing where the person was having a dream sequence, about beaing in a diaper, i never really saw where it would be emberising to the person, In fact i kinda wanted to wear one, the same with rugrats, and angelica beaing a baby, and that episode were tommy pickels was hit on the head, and turned into a baby, I also remember that old Looney Toons skit, Which i saw on cartoon network, where porky pig and daffy duck were in charge of the stork factory, and they got on the convayer belt and wore diapers like babies, I also remember that old CSI episode about abdl, and thinking that i wanted that nersey, and that law and order CI, story about TG kids, and also in middle school I rember hearing about the pregnant man, The weird part is I know im streaght, I even had girlfriends before, in high school but back when i was discovering everything in middle school, I admittingly didn't even know what masturbation was when i started doing it , Also i admitingly remember saying this line, when looking at a cataloge, Basically it was, "I want to date her, and wear her clothes," and even when i was younger, back when i was with my dad, I attempted to make a tea set out of legoes, and attemped to join a jewerly making class in summer school I discovered other abdl in middle school/high school, when i discovered abdl images, and found sites and stories, but i was always afraid to make a cloth diaper, due to my grandmother, and everything, but i told her, before joining this site and i am glad i did, but the sad part is that it has started to effect my life, mostly becuse i allowed it, and i don't really want to, Still as of late, it has been confirmed that i am going to graduate in may 2016, and i truly hope to move out in the semester after that, once i get my lincence and stuff, and also Lets just say, that resent events helped me realized that my grandmother was right and that so far I'm doing fine with my path as it is, and that it may get bad but still it could be worse, still one thing i can say that's causing it, usually in the evenings i have some abdl/little time by myself, which i call BWAD, or baby without a diaper, due to that's what i used to call my regression time and i do admit that i enjoy it, to an extent that i do feel sad when it's over, because my grandmother and i used to watch cartoons and spend time together before my brother came around, and now that my brother tries to torment my grandma, well it's just sad, Still i do go on, because i want to make a good future for myself, and it does get hard, but i will do this, and i will graduate, but a part of me wishes i could wear girls clothes, 24/7, and throw our my boys underwear and and well, considering everything i really cant do that, but i guess i can say this, one person said what my grandmother and other people said, one step at a time, which is what i intend to do.


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    I know how you feel, honey. Back in high school, I was always pressured by the other guys to hook up with these italian girls, sisters mind you, and 'get' with them. Quite honestly, all I wanted was a genuine relationship built around a true devotion between me and my partner. Course, after being assaulted by both a guy and a girl, on two separate occasions, it is kind of hard to know who you can trust. Course, one guy finally met my qualifications, but he broke my heart. Any who, yeah when it comes to clothes, I just work it and should someone try to insult it, I say "I just make it work, whereas you never could." As for the buying clothes bit, try to get this ground rule set with your parents, if you buy a piece of clothing, you have the right to wear it. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.