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Finding Myself in ABDL: Sucking My Thumb... Adult Baby?

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Ever since I was born I have sucked my thumb. Many times my parents would try and get me to stop. I stopped, to an extent, once because my parents bribed me with a CD. although I never really stopped.. I just stopped in front of them. I still sucked my thumb at night. as I have grown up, they asked me "What are you going to do in high school, you are going to get bullied". The tried to scare me out of it. They tried anything they could think of, tobacco sauce, onion powder etc.

There was a point where I started not really care if people noticed. I never told my close friends, but my teachers knew. Back in 3rd grade I had a really hard time not doing it in class, so my parents, teacher and I worked out that I could keep a pack of gum in the teachers desk and When I had the urge to suck my thumb I would go get a piece. All the kids always wondered why I was allowed to have gum but they weren't.

I'm now 23 and I never have stopped. I have tried many times, but I always fail. When I went to college, my roommate was one of my best friends that I graduated from high school with. I never told him, but I'm pretty sure he know. I wouldn't suck my thumb directly in front of him, but When I was at my computer and he was at his, backs to each other, I would. When I was sleeping to. Only once in High School did I ever admit to my whole English class. The teacher was talking about comforts and he asked everyone if we ever sucked our thumb when we were scared or needed some sort of comfort and just about everyone raised their hands. Then he asked if anyone still resorted to that, everyone's hand except mine went down. it honestly felt pretty good. Only one kid made a comment but my awesome teacher yelled at him, lol.

My point is no matter how hard I have tried to stop I just can't. When I told my girlfriend about being ABDL, she asked me if sucking my thumb had a connection. I had never really asked myself that question until now. is there a connection? Could have my hidden ABDL side been taking over and refused to let me stop? as of right now, I do it all the time not just when wearing diapers. Thats the main reason I dont think it is connected, but as I'm writing out this blog seriess and trying to figure out where i place in the ABDL lifestyle, will I find that Im more Adult Baby than I think? What are you guy's thouhgts?

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Finding Myself in ABDL

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