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Autism, Cerebral Palsy and being an "Adult Baby"...#241

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I am still wide-awake after Midnight.
Anyway, it is now Monday and I am not yet ready to go to bed.
I have to be in bed by 1:00 AM.
I just took my daily medicines.
My non-disabled little brother is asleep on the couch in the Living Room.
Of course I am in my bedroom and watching an old BBC documentary online to entertain myself.
I did "empty" my bedside plastic-pail adult hospital potty chair next to my bed.
Pee-pee really smells bad after being in the plastic pail under the seat for many hours.
I did make out a Christmas Greeting to one of my elderly cousins. He is in a nursing home now at age 82.
I will mail it off tomorrow.
I am cognitively/emotionally closer to my cousins on my late Dad's side of the family than with my late Mom's side of the family.
I do have to make more time this week to finish making out my Christmas Greetings to my extended family.
I have cousins in Maine, Massachusetts, Delaware, Virginia, Oregon, Prince Edward Island (Canada), Saskatchewan (Canada), Alberta (Canada), and British Columbia (Canada).
Well, I need to start getting ready for bed.
I have to be in adult mode from 8:00 AM onwards, until 11:00 PM when I will have some more baby regression time before bedtime.

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