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I've been in a bit of a pickle lately. My bedwetting accidents are becoming more common, despite me never really using my diapers accidentally. Also, due to a shortage of funds I am unable to get more supplies. I am now stuck in the situation of, do I risk telling my parents about the bedwetting so that there might be a chance they'll buy me diapers, or do I stockpile the ever so rare funds I get for my college pizza nights? I'm leaning towards telling my parents the bedwetting portion, but i'm unsure how to phrase it. Any suggestions? Also, it may be dirty, but i'm kind of thinking of forcing a couple of accidents if I get the diapers so that it can continue.


  1. ArchieRoni's Avatar
    Hi silentdreamer. Imo, you should tell your parents about the issue. Wetting the bed without protection is pretty miserable and not sanitary for you or anyone living with you. You should be willing to see a doctor about it too, especially if this isn't something that's happened out side of your control before.

    As far as doing it on purpose, it's a bit ethically wrong to beg your parents for money because you have a real problem you need help with and then take advantage of that money for your own pleasure, even if you don't need to use diapers. And wetting on purpose will cost more money than only using diapers when you have a real accident. Personally, I don't think indulging yourself once in a while is actually that big a deal (there isn't some sacred rule that once you're in college you're never allowed to have any fun unless you can pay for it yourself), but if you want to regularly wet yourself, you ought to look for a part-time job to earn the money.
  2. silentdreamer1996's Avatar
    Yeah, good point...The thing is about my bedwetting is, in the past the farthest they ever wanted to go for protection for me was plastic sheets, even for college. Personally I think it's less embarrassing throwing away a used diaper than having to walk through my entire dorm and into the bathroom to use the washing machine to clean some urine-soaked sheets. Also, I guess I was being a little greedy in my statement, it is just that I was forced to grow up very fast, since I became an uncle so young, to set an example for my new nieces and nephews; I just kind of feel my like my childhood was taken away from me.
  3. silentdreamer1996's Avatar
    Slight irony of my situation right now is that I am currently washing said sheets. Some guy walked on through and luckily thought nothing of it. Last time some guy asked me about it, earlier this week, I had to lie about it having the spilt ramen on it; which he believed luckily. Yup, definitely telling my parents about my bedwetting now... - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.