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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#238

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This afternoon after returning home from worship at my church I had a much needed "Adult Baby Regression Time".
I admit to being cognitively overloaded the last couple of days with disability civil rights activism responsibilities.
I have also been feeling depressed about the terrorist attack in California at an organization that provides social services to us persons with physical and developmental disabilities.
I guess I am tired about hearing about different God/Allah-crazed wackos barging into places and exterminating unbelievers with machine guns and home-made bombs.
Being a "Follower of Jesus", I certainly do not do that sort of thing.
Last night, despite being heavily diapered, I did wet my bed pretty badly, and I had to strip my bed and wash my bed sheets.
I feel like a very bad boy for wetting my bed.
Bedwetting is "dirty".
But, I am incontinent, and I can not control my bladder.
I am a baby because I have to wear diapers 24/7.
I am dirty.
I am a bad boy.
Acting like a baby, I have to be treated like a baby.
I have to always carry around a babyish Fisher-Price Baby Jungle Animals Diaper Bag in public everywhere.
I also have to carry a small precious cute baby dolly friend for everyone to see in one of the outside pockets of my diaper bag.
I am a baby.
I am not a grown up.
Although my Mommy has been dead for years, even though I am 57 years old, I still feel her presence and I still obey her.
She did treat me like a baby, long after I really was a baby growing up decades ago.
I am still a baby, and I always will be a baby.
As a baby, I am forever forbidden to ever express any form of adult sexual thoughts and feelings.
As a baby, I am not supposed to have them, despite my being 57 years old.
Babies do not know better about anything and everything.
I guess I am not supposed to either, since I too am a baby.
I feel I am not allowed to be in the grown up world.
I am just a baby...

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