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My little Saturday night

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I was lucky to have the house to myself all day Saturday and Saturday night, so I planned on having some little time to myself.

I started in the morning by preparing myself with some rapid desperation type activities. I held my morning pee until I was uncomfortable, and started drinking lots of coffee and water. About an hour after getting up, my bladder was very full, so I relieved myself outside in the yard, (no reason, I just like peeing outside,) and from then on I made sure to at least try to pee every half an hour.

Mid morning I went to the shops and stocked up on essentials. I bought some frozen nuggets and chips, some ice cream, beer, a large jug of iced tea, and a packet of Depends. By now I had been up for 4 hours, drank 2 coffees, 3 large waters and a large juice, and emptied my bladder 4 times.

After getting home I started on house and yard work. Vacuumed, dishes, laundry etc followed by some weeding and lawn mowing. The whole time I kept guzzling the iced tea, and I did a pee every time I felt the slightest need to, and even if I didn't feel like it, I tried every 30-40 minutes or so.

By 3pm I had drunk over a litre of iced tea, and was mowing the lawn. I didn't feel any particular need to pee, but as I mowed I deliberately relaxed my bladder muscles as I walked. With no effort at all I wet my pants a bit! I hadn't felt any urge, but I was getting into the habit of just going at the drop of a hat.

Lawns mowed, it was time to relax. I opened a beer, and sat down at my outdoor table. As I sat there I relaxed again, and this time I did quite a long pee in my denim shorts and left a big puddle on the ground. It was becoming so easy to do!

I sat in my wet pants for a while while I drank beer and chilled out, and I started slipping into my little mode. Usually little me is 9-12, but today I was feeling much younger, maybe about 5 years old. After a while I felt like I should go and tell a grown up that I had wet myself.

Of course being alone I had to pretend, but that's ok. I was drinking beer and pretending it was a soft drink, so I can suspend belief when I have to. I stood in front of the mirror in my wet shorts and said the magic words, "Mummy, I've just wet my pants......"

Apparently my mum was a bit cross. She made me take a shower, then I had to put a pull up on. I opened my new bag of Depends, and slid 2 on, after punching some small holes in the first one. Then, wearing only my pull up, a blue t shirt with a cartoon print and a pair of white ankle socks I was sent to the lounge room.

I made my nuggets and chips followed with ice cream, and spent the evening sitting on the now protected couch, (plastic bag and blankets) and continued to just drink my "soda" and pee in my pull up as much as I wanted to.

Later in the night I fell asleep, but woke up needing to pee. My nappy had been changed before falling asleep and was still dry, but I had a real accidental leak in it as I went to the toilet! I actually lost control a bit.

I went to bed diapered thinking I may wet the bed, but I didn't. Well, not accidentally anyway!

I haven't ever spent a full day like that before, and I loved it. I was so relaxed when I went to bed!

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