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Losing of Friends.

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Last night I lost 2 friends. One of them I was very close to, the girl I was in my car accident with. I have come to realize the reason I was in the a suicidal situation in the first place was because of these two people. Not only was she the one to suggest I commit suicide by telling me "Sometimes when you're standing on the ledge for so long and see no other way, you just gotta jump." But she is also the one who called my Mom and told her I was going to do it.

I have her and her boyfriend who I was also friends with, blocked on every means possible and I am considering filing a restraining order, even though she lives in another state. I don't understand her intentions of pretending to care about me or if she actually did, but then why she would suggest suicide as an option to me.

Needless to say I also emailed both her parents about the incident and made them perfectly clear on it as well. Right now I am more pissed off than I am sad to have lost them as friends. I have waited for things that will never happen from either of them and I am done with the bullshit. Time to move on and get my mental health better which I think will be easier now.


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    Take care of yourself first.
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