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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#236

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Another very adult mode day.
I made an appointment to see an Orthotist to get a new set of AFO leg braces made for me.
I did that this morning.
I then had to go out in my handicapped-adapted car up to the Derry, NH Community Public-Access CATV Station/Studio to finish work on the Christmas Holiday themed event I video recorded last night.
Earlier in the evening today, I went out over to the Radio Shack consumer electronics store to purchase a few electronic piece parts to create another small control interface to connect to my Parallax, Inc. PBASIC Embedded Micro-Controller Engineering Development Kit.
After I returned home, I spent time downstairs in the Cellar at my workbench between the Furnace/Hot Water Tank and the Oil Furnace Fuel Tank.
Again this year, my younger brother had to apply for "Winter Heating Oil Fuel Assistance".
It is not funny with having to live in abject poverty and not being able to pay for a full Winter Season's worth of #2 Home Heating Oil to stay warm as older adults with major health problems.
My little brother is Diabetic and has a weak immune system, and of course I am an older Autistic with Cerebral Palsy with my own age-related chronic health problems.
Like it or not, the two of us brothers keep the thermostat no higher than 65 degrees Fahrenheit to try and save as much as possible on Heating Oil usage.
Also, the two of us are very frugal with electrical power.
By only using the televisions for not much more than 4 hours a day or less, we save electrical power that way.
Well, I should shift into adult baby mode before bedtime.
I need some simple toy truck play to calm myself down for bedtime.
I did spend some cash to purchase two more Matchbox toy trucks for my vehicle collection.

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