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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#232

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Today I stayed away from the stores here in town.
Too crowded.
I have been needing solitude for a bit as an older adult with Autism.
For the Thanksgiving Holiday I had one of my Autistic friends over my house for 2 days.
I brought her back home to Boston, MA this morning.
I did spend time playing with some toy trucks earlier today.
It felt good to quietly play by myself.
I did not watch the TV news earlier this evening.
After I turned the news on, I turned it off, because there was a video nasty about a God-crazed wacko shooting up a Woman's Health Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
2 murdered there, many others shot.
It is interesting that the "Pro-Life" anti-abortion movement loves it when shitloads of people are ruthlessly slaughtered in cold-blood, especially doctors and nurses, but they honestly do not even give a shit about socially accepting and providing for the welfare of us disabled adults and children.
Anyway, pardon my adult thoughts and feeling this evening as an older adult with Autism and Cerebral Palsy.
The nearest Planned Parenthood Women's Health Clinic to me here in NH is in Derry on NH Route 28 in the center of town.
I guess I will have to permanently avoid the center of Derry, NH, in case they get terrorist attacked by a "Pro-Life" God-crazed wacko in the near future.
I do not feel like becoming a "very dead" developmentally disabled Adult Baby at the hands of some "True Christian Believer" packing a massive amount of firepower and explosives.
Well, time to wind-down until I go to bed at ~ 1:00 AM...

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