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Currently I am very relaxed and calm. I am happily padded with my new plush snow leopard and I smell VERY strongly of baby powder. If happiness were a smell, this would be it.

Anywho, I am back from the Furry Cruise and had an absolutely amazing time, the people other furs on the boat were just amazing. It was hands down the best fursuiting experience I have ever had. I think the crew loved it more than the other guests.

Day 1 of the cruise, I met my roommates and the rest of the furries at the front of the ship, 24 in total we talked and planned out dinner at one of the restaurants as well as times we would be fursuiting on the ship and where to meet.

Day 2 was full of suiting fun and lots of food

Day 3 we landed in Jamaica, Ochos Rios. I had a shore excursion booked for a zip line tour through the jungle. Which was a blast despite my fear of heights. I think the best part was coming back when not only did I get offered cocaine, but this Jamaican guy was giving beads to us saying they were "free" then proceeded to ask for a tip, when we said we didn't have money his words were "Gimme dem beads back" Almost died laughing.

Day 4 We landed in Grand Caymen, Me and my roommate walked to 7 mile beach, saw some giant ass iguanas and I went parasailing. We ate at a local restaurant called "top taste" I had jerk pork and my roommate had curry goat, he was much more open minded than me.

Day 5 we landed in Cozumel, where I bought lots of tequila, something called Membrillo which is a Mexican fruit, it's a very smooth and tasty tequila, I also got vanilla tequila, just as good. I went on a dune buggy and snorkel trip, the water was crystal clear and decently warm, the equipment was crap and I kept getting mouthfuls of salt water. The dune buggies were cool and fun to go down the coast in, though they were very sketchy.

Day 6 was the final day at sea, we suited more and got to go into a place on the ship called the Svedka Ice Bar, which was usually 20 bucks a person, but they let us in for free. It was below 32 degrees in the room and they had a chair made of ice.

It was just overall an amazing experience that I am glad I finally took the chance of going.

NOW onto the important things. This trip has greatly helped my depression, suicidal thoughts are still in the back of my mind as they have been. I feel like the darkness has been there for so long that it will never go away completely. I can keep it at bay, but only for so long.

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