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Random blog entry because why not?

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So I never was one for writing continuously up to date blog posts. I don't think I have ever had the attention span to stick to something for long periods of time like that. That being said, I have been dealing with a few things as of late and I have been told that getting it out there makes it a little easier. So why not right? Cue the rambling session

After a while of feeling down and not really wanting to do anything; followed by a complete meltdown one morning causing me to take a sick day from work I went to see my doctor and through the jigs and reels ended up seeing a psychiatrist who has informed me I have circumstantial depression from compiling day to day issues such as work and being 31 and having no real aspects of a relationship. The later gets me the usual longing for grandkids from my folks which I know they mean no harm, but yeah... Its not a fun time to say the least.

She had a couple of suggestions and the talking about it with family and friends has helped wonders, but she said I hide too much in my comfort zone (Kind of fitting no?) and that I need to try something different and get myself out there. "Put yourself out there on a dating site." Easier said then done for someone who went through school in the days when it wasn't cool to be a nerd ala Big Bang Theory and was made to know that fact on an almost day to day basis simply because I was myself. It doesn't help that an interest of mine is 'weird' and not 'mainstream' lol I have set about going along with her suggestion though. I'm not against it; I have laid out a profile that outlines who I am minus some details that we will say relate to this site that will come out if the need arises. No need to scare them away right from the start.

Only time will tell where it all leads.

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