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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#229

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I had an intensely stressful afternoon down in Lawrence, MA as an Aspie.
Had to be at a viewing of office space for the non-profit organization I am a Director of, as I was mentioning yesterday.
It did not help, that "Aspie in Denial" person on our Board of Directors had a meltdown and "Took a Powder" to use the old show business term.
Shee needs to be in control of herself, because personal behavior reflects upon the perceptions of others towards our non-profit organization dedicated to assisting other Aspies with employment in the future. We need to be good and respectful tenants of the office space and the other tenants we will have to share the building we are looking to locate the headquarters of our non-profit organization.
Pardon my being in "adult mode".
There is such a thing as responsibilities in the real world.
I try my best to juggle my real life and my private fantasy life as an older physically and developmentally disabled Adult Baby.
Anyway, after performing my adult responsibilities, I did purchase another $15.00 NERF Toy Gun for my NERF Arsenal at the TARGET Department Store here in Salem, NH.
At least I am not interested in "real" guns.
They are too dangerous for a developmentally disabled person like myself.
I do understand the difference between playing pretend and the real thing.

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