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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#227

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I regress to being a baby.
But, in the real world in many places, "real" children are being turned into remorseless psychotic killers by ISIS.
I hate ISIS with a vengeance.
They are "exterminating childhood", not for God, but for Satan.
I feel a lot of internal rage that children's minds are being permanently destroyed by psychopathic hate.
God is also angry.
God is watching ISIS, and HE really fucking hates the living guts out of ISIS and wants them all dead for disobeying Him.
I apologize for my thoughts and feelings this evening.
I apologize for being upset and bothered by the Satan-filled cesspool of hate that is ISIS.
And people like them think that an unarmed Autistic Adult Baby like me is a "Godless Diseased Infidel"?
I do not go around brandishing weapons and screaming "Death! Death! Death!".
All I do, when not engaged in my rather dull adult life, is lie mutely in my bed diapered and hugging my teddy bears and my dolly friends.
Believe me, God has never hated anyone.
It is only mentally diseased people who are doing all the hating and arrogantly boasting to God that what they are doing is "What He Wants".
Again, I apologize for my thoughts and feelings this evening.
It sucks that 130 people got slaughtered last Friday in Paris, France, "In the Name of Hate".

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