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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#225

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Here it is Sunday evening, and I guess one of my local Aspie friends is in crisis.
Not good...
Her husband who has PDD-NOS Version Autism is controlling and abusive.
Besides that, he is severely emotionally immature.
She wants to divorce him.
I do not blame her.
He is exceptionally mentally unstable.
In fact, he really is mentally-ill, and in denial of his severe psychological illness.
This makes him dangerous.
I permanently de-friended him for my own personal safety.
Not that I wanted to, but my own safety come first, before friendship.
Anyway, my Sunday has been very quiet and restful.
Yes, I did go to church this morning.
When I returned home from church, I took my scheduled afternoon nap.
I very much needed "Howard Hug", my big dark brown teddy bear.
He is a baby, just like me.
He wears diapers too.
I admit that I do have many "heart-to-heart" talk times with him.
Howard Hug Bear is my friend.
I admit to telling him things that I would never tell anyone else.
Teddy bears like "Howard Hug" always patiently to those they love and are never mean or hurtful to them.
This is a simple childhood truth that I still cling to.
"Howard Hug" Bear is more than a plush toy in my life.
He is "real".
My gentle kind love for him made him real.
Just like the plush bunny in the children's story, "The Velveteen Rabbit".
Anyway, a lot on my mind as an Autistic.
They say, that we autistics are incapable of empathy.
But I really do know better.
I am feeling overwhelmed with genuine concern for this particular female Aspie friend.
Her PDD-NOS Version Autistic husband who she does not even live with is spiraling down into being a real "sicko",
I admit that I am also concerned for him, but, I will stay away from him, because I can hot help him, because he simply does not want to accept any help.
Only he can solve his own severe psychiatric maladjustment problems.
It is very tough to just "back away" and decide to "sit on the fence" to use the cliché.
But, I am going to do it.

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