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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#223

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My day was quiet as usual.
I did have to go out to do some food shopping.
I also had to purchase some more food for my pet guinea pig friend, "Ernie".
He is doing okay.
I cleaned his cage yesterday.
In the outside world, evil bad people filled with hate murdered 100+ people in Paris, France.
I had to turn off the news coverage, because it was too graphic.
Adult Baby, "caitianx", is not allowed to see much of anything about evil bad people on the television.
"Howard Hug", my teddy bear told me to not watch any more stuff about the evil bad people filled with hate who only want to do what Satan tells them to do.
Anyway, time to mutely play with my toy cars and trucks before I go to bed after 1:30 AM.

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