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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#222

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I have just returned home from being out earlier in the evening at a scheduled social night for Asperger's Syndrome/Autism adults.
Of course, all day today it has been raining.
Also while I was out, I purchased 2 14-count packages of XL sized adult diapers at the CVS Pharmacy just down the street from the WGBH-DT, Channel 2 (PBS) Television Station in Brighton, MA.
I was of course running out of diapers anyway.
Well, I am mutely sitting quietly on my bed after I got myself undressed to just my t-shirt and diaper.
I am of course spending time reading my e-mail.
Most of my e-mail is related to either my being on the Board of Directors of or related to my disability rights activism.
Time to wind-down to get ready for my bedtime after 1:30 AM.
Predictable as I am, I am watching an old science documentary online via my laptop computer.
I simply do not want to watch the late-night news on the television.
Too many news stories about people who are very mean and not nice to other people.
This is not me.
But people like me who are nice to other people are not respected.
American society rewards nasty mean people, like say, Donald Trump.
People like me are never rewarded for being nice to others.

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