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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#220

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Very Early Morning - After Midnight:
I am such a night owl, and although I only
had a 1.0 hour long afternoon nap, I am so
very wide-awake very late at night and into
the very early morning between 1:00 AM to
2:00 AM.
My routine never varies as an older autistic
I used to not be a night owl when I did have
employment years ago until it ended in 2001.
I was always awake at 5:00 AM to get myself
cleaned up, diapered, dressed, and have a
very light Breakfast before driving myself
to my last ever job as a Senior Electronics
Engineering Technician at a Robotic Systems
But, after losing my last ever job,
my own biological clock shifted forward by 5.0
Now, if I were to try and find employment,
I would be more suited to working at a 2nd
Shift type job.
Of course, around here there is little to
no electronics manufacturing done around
in my area.
It all got "outsourced" to the Chinese.
Like it or not, the United States Government
permitted the Electronics Industry to move
to China, an "Enemy Nation".
I see many High Technology Corporations here
in the United States to be "Economic/
Political Traitors" against the American
At my age of 57, could I become employed
Not likely, due to extreme rampant age-
discrimination in private industry.
Another problem, is that private industry
simply wants "instant results" and very
much refuses to even invest in training
Employees are expected to know everything
about their job within 60 seconds of
being shown to their desk, workbench or
It took me 15 years to learn how to be a
Senior Electronics Engineering Technician.
Anyway, that is the total amount of
employment I have ever had in adult life
as a person with Cerebral Palsy and Autism
from June of 1978 until the present.
I never did suspend my employment search,
after I went on SSDI in December of 2006.
I still have my employment resume ready
to send out to prospective employers.
Of course, I still receive no acknowledgement
that the employer ever received my resume
of qualifications and information about the
5 prior employers I have had from 1978
until 2001.
The way it is, is that most all employers
simply no longer even have the simple common
courtesy of sending a "rejection" letter as
a reply to one's sincere and honest inquiry
regarding potential employment.
After all, today, we live in a society here
in America, where courtesy and common decency
towards other persons are no longer practiced.
Most all Americans are selfish, mean, arrogant,
and no longer give a damn about the thoughts,
feelings, and general welfare of others.
The way it is, most all Americans are like,
"I've got what I want, and to fucking Hell with
Like it or not, this deterioration in common
decency here in America is used as a propoganda
weapon by Islamic Radicals.
It is not just the US Government they hate, but
the entire American people, because they see us
as totally incapable of looking out for the
common welfare of society, even those persons
who are the most powerless and vulnerable.
In the eyes of say, both Hamas and Hezbollah,
who have extensive networks of social welfare
programs for their supporters, Americans are
actually seen by them as "Totally Uncivilized
Animals", mentally incapable of generosity
and compassion.
Anyway, we like to point out the faults in
other societies around the world, but no, we
do not like it, when the mirror is "reversed"
and we are made to "look at ourselves".
There are always two sides to every story.

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