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This is not the only side of me?? #4 (the binge and the purge + The contiunance!)

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Hello, incase you are wondering this is me again bringing back the old blog series that I said I would NO! Part 3 was NOT the final part I will continue these blogs.

Please excuse any bad language used in this blogs!

I am going to start off by saying that yes I have been going through another binge and purge moment where I want to wear and then not wear yes my stash is low and I have been trying to save as much of it as possible.

Yet I still want to wear diapers or pull-ups whichever I feel like wearing at the moment I love wearing and at times I hate with diapers there comes a "love/hate" relationship you hate them because they make you feel like a baby.

Funny I should say that right!! yet you love the feeling they give you. The security and the comfort they provide. So right now I am going through my binge and purge moment I am going through my binge moment of wanting to wear as much as possible as I have said before yet... I want to stop wearing in order to save what little bit of my stash I have left.

Now I know I am getting away from the subject at hand but I feel as though I need to break the ice to sort of speak and open up about something and that is "stereotypes" yes I do live in Florida the most southern state possible in the united states and the thing I want to straighten out here is NO I am not a close-minded prick redneck which a lot of people confuse outside of this region is that everyone down south is just that way and it is NOT true for everyone down here.

I can be a very open-minded and friendly individual!!! one of the best people you can ever know I just felt like for some reason or another I needed to get that straightened out I do not know way I just did not want anyone stereotyping me over the region I live not that anyone here on this site would but I just felt a need to discuss that and get that out of the way.

Anyways moving on from that back to the subject at hand about bingeing and purging I will continue to wear as much as I like it makes me feel great and comforted knowing I have something that help to release the stress of any given day and I will enjoy wearing diapers also at the same time I will continue to try and save my stash too.

I hope everyone understands this blog and all that I have said in it I will continue to write these in an attempt to explain things that are going on in my life when it comes to being an (AB/DL) and other things to just remember....

This is NOT the only side of me.

Sincerely, Bluefirejay

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