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Life of a Dl and newly found AT

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Lifes went pretty awesome this past week. I turned 18 and had a blast, had surgery and managed to trick my mum into letting me wear and USE!!! I have had alot of free time after the surgery on my own in the house which has allowed me to wear 24/7 for a whole week.

I also discovered my little side and now fully accept that I enjoy being an adult toddler from time to time, as i got my first chance to regress for a whole hour, sucks i was on my own and didnt have a daddy or playmate but i got a nice 10 minute video while regressed and im saving it to a locked file on my computer because i Love seeing me smile so much

I also stopped lurking on the web and have joined the abdl community on a few sites but my fave places are adisc, reddit /abdl and fetlife

speaking of fetlife i finally made an account now that im 18, now my kinky fun know no ends (Im into like 80% of kinks im not even joking)

I also reconnected with having extra fun in my diaper and had many enjoyable times this week, best one was today where i went a diapered walk in the woods while parents were working (i shoulda been in bed) spent the whole walk in a hoodie and diaper and no one past me the whole hour, i even made a messy and climbed a tree, i rounded it off by finding a spot way off the path and into the woods where no on goes and had the best bit of fun in my padding wink wink (i knew for a fact no one came too this spot, dont say im ruining the image of abdl by being a perv, i knew what i was doing aha) I even changed outdoors and thankfully i had some wipes, scented moisturizer, diaper bags and aftershave, best to be prepared, i then bagged my diaper, took my shorts out my back pack and plopped the messy in the bin at the end of the trail, back home within an hour and a half of leaving and the parents were still at work so all in all, great end to the past 7 days

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