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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#213

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My Halloween yesterday was quiet.
There were no children out on my street" for "Trick or Treat" Time after sundown.
As usual, most days I have the house all to myself while my younger brother is out working as a Luthier.
At least I did attend an Asperger's Syndrome adult Halloween Party two Thursdays ago out in Keene here in New Hampshire.
Earlier this evening while out over at the Walmart on NH Route 28 here in my town of Salem, NH, I did see Christmas merchandise being put out for sale.
It is always put out early now. the day after Halloween.
I will note, that I have no extra money for Christmas, the same as last year.
I have too many debts, and since I broke my right AFO leg brace 3 weeks ago, I have to get it replaced.
Of course, that will cost me at least $550.00, which is the 20% "co-pay", after MEDICARE pays the other 80%.
I will just have to settle for a "Christmas of Nothing Under the Christmas Tree".
This is the brutal harsh reality of living in poverty as an older unemployable developmentally disabled adult on SSDI public-assistance.
It is a bit sad, that "Christmas" is simply an "Unaffordable Luxury" for a developmentally-disabled adult like myself.
Survival is more important than "Christmas".

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