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Evil Suirrel Pumpkin carved.

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Evidently last year after I carved the pumpkin the squirrels buried seed around the yard.

One of them germinated and was growing under a tree.

Early in August I was cleaning up the yard and there was a squash plant with no flowers, runners or anything to indicate what kind of squash plant it was.

Then in mid August it all of a sudden went crazy and stared forming fruit, flowers and runners.

So we left it alone to see what kind of pumpkins it would produce. Several started then died on the vine.

Then the kids noticed this one pumpkin that was growing up against the stump.

We watched it grow very big and then slowly, at the start of this month, it started turning orange.

Well, I decided it was time to pick it on Tuesday and bring it up to the front porch so we could carve it today.

I bought a book of patterns and was going to put a big spider and haunted house on it.

This afternoon I turned on TMC and they had "The Tingler" on.

I knew this was going to be a good time to carve the pumpkin and watch a classic horror movie.

As I got ready to figure out the best spots to do the design, something caught my eye.

There was still a patch of the shell that had green "flacks" in it and the rest is orange. As I looked at it there was a natural design of a ghost thing otr flying bat figure in the green flack part.

I put my design book away and outlined the figure to do the carving.

Nothing better then an "Evil squirrel" planted, natural patterned of a flying thing, pumpkin for a scary Halloween decoration.


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