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Being AB/DL and other things such as,..... (well you will have to read it to find out) :P

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Sorry I haven't written a blog in awhile I just had to wait for the right moment I would like to state also that I apologize for any cursing!

I will try to censor this blog as much as possible for any cursing!

Hello, how is everybody doing?

First things have hit a slight bumpy area in this road wer call life it is crazy how you can be walking down it one day an all is fine but then you turn a curve and Buh--BOW!! it slaps you right in the face as hard as it possibly can it's like F*&%!! "what the hell did you do that for!" you think to yourself! but you pick yourself back up off the ground and keep moving.

as the great and wonderful Walt Disney once said... KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

I am doing such I am trying and continuing to look for a job and I just do not like where I am currently at and I have to move on from and find something that I like doing. plus this probation is really keeping me on my toes.

but all that aside I must say what this blog is really about hopefully without sounding to dumb.

I have these strange feelings lately it is insane I am currently going through this phase of wanting to dress in girls clothes especially as a "little" I do NOT know why I have a couple of Dora the explorer shirts one that fits me but can be tight on me but it still manages to fit. I like to wear that when I am diapered.

I have another Dora the explorer shirt but I found out it was way to small which sucks. I also have a few Dora the explorer pacifiers which I use plus I used to have some dora the explorer easy-ups I would use as a stuffer. I had to get rid of those when I got rid of my stash! (read previous blog)

Anyways why do I feel this way. it makes me happy, angry, and sad all in the same sense and I can't make sense of any of it. I try but no answers come to mind and I have felt this way for years.

I am not transgender and I am not and do not classify myself as a "sissy" although I may be but the way I was raised boys are NOT to be wearing girls clothes EVER!!!

I keep those thoughts wrapped around my head since I was a kid my dad would definetly hate me for dressing like a girl I know it seems mean nowadays but back then if you was caught wearing girls clothes as a boy you were very lucky not and I mean NOT to have your ass beat!

I only got spanked once for wearing something I shouldn't have as a child and my butt was sore! now I understand but back then I did not anyways moving on from that.

anyways I have been trying to get back into things lately but with most of my stash gone I am running low I need to find a new job so I can continue to build it back up I will make better hiding places this time around though.

and I guess to finish this blog off I need to say life feels pretty good I just need time to work on some things and get things better straightened out I will continue to talk more about that in the next blog.

Well enjoy reading the blog and thanks for stopping by!

Sincerely, Bluefirejay

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