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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#212

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It can be tiring and frustrating trying to balance one's adult life and infantilism life. Between all the adult things I have been doing, I have had some time to be an Adult Baby.

Of course in my adult life as an older autistic with cerebral palsy, I had two disability civil rights organization meetings, plus a Legislative Hearing to attend and testify at, plus a disability civil rights protest that I attended with a bunch of other autistic friends of mine.

On a sour note, I do have to report that my "right" AFO leg brace "broke", and I have to either get it repaired or replaced. Trouble is, the nearest Orthotist from me is in Nashua, NH, and will not do anything, until they have a "new" prescription for my type of AFO leg braces from my Neurologist. But, it will not be until the Thanksgiving Holiday week, when I can see my Neurologist to get the "new" AFO leg braces prescription.

Anyway, I am stuck without my AFO leg braces, probably until the end of this year. Yes! I am still able to walk, but pretty-much stuck in Spastic Diplegia "Crouch Stance/Crouch Gait", which is exceptionally tiring and I can not ambulate very far, even with my Forearm Crutches or my 4-wheel rollator walker frame.


I did today finish all the post-production editing of the "Anti Physician-Assisted Suicide" Public Service Message for ASAN, the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. The National Organization Headquarters is going to pay me a small sum for this out of their budget.


I just checked my calendar, and on Thursday, I have an Aspie Adult Halloween Costume Party to attend out in Keene, NH later this week.


I will be dressing up in my good professional quality "Wolf" Fursuit Costume.

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