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Best. Weekend. Ever!

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Okay, so here's how it started.
Friday, about 7 pm.
I get a call from a friend inviting me over for dinner. He's a well known Daddy and his wife is his Little. We've joked around about her and myself being siblings. This is where it got a little weird for me. I am new to diapers, like maybe a month so far under my belt, and I joked that we needed a sleep over on the phone. He says sure. So, me being a smart ass loads up a few M4s and goodnights and i head over to their house in shorts, an oversized shirt, my fleece hat with fox ears on it, my doggy stuffy, and my security blanket. Yes, I'm 26 and still have a security blanket. I digress.
I get over there (padded under my shorts) and we statt talking and laughing over dinner. We retire to the living room and Daddy asks if we want to watch a movie. Pinocchio. At that point, it had been 15 years since I had seen the movie, so I said sure. Sis and I wind up on the floor coloring with crayons and cuddled under blankets.
I'm a pretty go with the flow kind of guy, so I'm enjoying myself. Then it gets interesting. Sis gets a bottle of juice from daddy. He asks me if I want one and I'm fairly certain fire trucks arent as red as I was at that moment. I shake my head, but secretly I wanted one. I wasn't sure how comfortable I could get.
I wind up on the couch under my blanket watching Tarzan, and I feel something touch my shoulder. I look up and it's Daddy smiling as he puts a bottle next to me.
"It's there if you want it buddy," he said, patting my head.
I have no idea what color I was at that point. Almost crimson I'd imagine. So I hid my face.
He chuckled and sat back down I'm his lazy chair. About an hour later, I couldn't resist it. I put a bottle in my mouth for the first time since gawd knows when. It was chocolate milk. I felt so comfy and safe under my blanket, watching a Disney film, and sucking on a bottle. I don't know what time I fell asleep, but I remember I woke up briefly to Daddy taking my shoes off and tucking me in.

Something important must be said here. They didn't know then that I wore diapers. They also were unaware that since I started wearing to sleep, I started wetting the bed again.

Having gone several times in my diaper up to the time I fell asleep, I woke up in the middle of the night to a full diaper, a soaked couch cushion, and wet shorts. I was mortified. I actually started crying. I climbed off the couch and steed looking for a towel when Daddy came out of his room. He didn't yell, he didn't complain, just went back into his room and came back with a towel. He cleaned the couch off and layed the towel under where I was sleeping, telling me it was okay the entire time. I couldn't believe it. He asked me if I needed a diaper. I blushed again and just punted to my backpack. He got the cue. He offered to change me but I said I was a big enough boy to change myself.

Long story short, I spent the entire weekend having a Daddy and a sister little. im ecstatic.

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