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Got myself VPN

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I got myself a VPN,

These australian meta data collection laws man, I don't want the goverment to know I like diapers.


  1. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    What will they do with that kinda knowledge!?
  2. Speck's Avatar
    A little paranoid, don't you think? I mean if that's the only reason for getting a VPN then it seems a little silly just to hide a fetish. I could see reason if you were up to no good but other than that, I fail to see the point here. Besides, VPN or not no one is entirely safe, even networks like Tor have been compromised. If the government really want your data, they'll get it.
  3. Akastus's Avatar
    And they will certainly pay more attention to people using highly encrypted traffic, not less. The security services have far bigger fish to fry than people with weird fetishes, and far too much data to sort through to pay much attention to irrelevancies. I very much doubt that "diaper" is a search keyword, unless it's paired with "drugs" or "explosives".

    Besides, if the government really want to screw with AB/DLs, they'll just close down the vendors of ABDL stuff, and make adult nappies prescription-only.
    Updated 17-Oct-2015 at 13:19 by Akastus
  4. LittleJess's Avatar
    No, Not just for hiding a diaper fetish.

    I have other things I have to hide, its not mostly from the government though, mostly from companies, google search adult diapers, randomly ads appear everywhere I go, I don't like that.

    I don't even want to be tied to that :P

    One other reason is, (not sure if 100% legal) but to access youtube content that isn't available in australia, and to keep my location private.
  5. LittleJess's Avatar
    In that case would this trigger there filter.

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