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So I guess good news first that will hopefully turn into great news. I thought of doing something I don't think anyone else has thought of. I'm going to get a hockey themed art commission of my character that I'm going to get printed in a decently large size and even though the chances are small, I am going to send it to my favorite hockey team, to see if I can get it signed by the entire team, or at least as many would want to

Talk about having something that would be very personalized to have signed and would be a great story to tell. Like I said it's a long shot, you can send stuff to individual players and there is a "chance" it will be signed and I imagine they receive hundreds of things from people. But who knows maybe? Figure it's worth a shot.


  1. arcituthis's Avatar
    If you can pull it off, this sounds amazing! I can kind of see it being more likely to be signed as it's personal and not likely to be sold but can see running into issues if they still hold outdated views of furs or they are particularly busy. I wonder if they are more likely to sign stuff on the off season when not as many people are likely to send stuff to them or during the season when they are more involved. Either way, it would definitely help if a member of the team is a furry.

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