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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#211

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I have been busy lately.
I had quite a bit of video shooting to perform.
Shot video at the Deerfield Fair a week ago.
Also have been shooting video for a public service message outlining the case against the adoption of physician-assisted suicide.
Anyway, I have also had to juggle house chores and going out to meetings related to disability civil rights.
Of course, I have been trying to have enough Adult Baby Time to keep myself sane and happy.
At this time in my fiscal month, I am broke, and I am waiting for my next SSDI direct deposit to clear into my chequeing account to start the cycle all over again.
I will note, that I do need more diapers, plus I will have to go to a pharmacy/medical supply in Andover, Ma to purchase another 3-count package of cheap plastic pants in XXL size.
On my budget, all I can afford are the cheapest 0.004" thickness semi-transparent plastic pants that are distressingly plain.

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