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Depression causes sleep deprivation which causes aggrivation which causes...

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I think you get the idea... I've always had trouble sleeping. It seems like sleep is not my friend and I need it... Sometimes though, I can get a few days of good sleep. I think the main issue is that I just cannot shut off my brain when I need to sleep. I've tried cutting out all caffine, I've tried relaxing before bed, I've tried melatonin in several different doses. The only thing that really works is either being with my fiance which I can't really do too often or at all lately, taking a strong sleep aid, or staying up until I sleep. I know how important sleep is but I just cannot seem to stop thinking about my mistakes and the things I have done wrong. The things people have said to me also really stick in my brain at the worst moments then it all converges into basically a panic attack. I start hurting in my chest, my breathing is rapid, my thoughts are too and I just lose it for awhile. I really wish I could just be like a character in a video game and only have a loading screen for sleep... then I would be guranteed the right amount of sleep at the right time. I hate insomnia and I know that it's the depression... at this rate unless something changes... I'm doomed to die young v,v

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