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Creating a Fursona

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This past week, I've been sinking a lot of time into hashing out my fursona. This involved a lot of imagining, designing, drawing, revising, scrapping, redoing, and so on and so forth. First and foremost, my character is based on the arctic fox. This was chosen a while back (and mentioned in another blog) and matches the personality I wish to convey as well as having really good color (the bright solid white really pops and brings the personality out even more). I've always heard that you have to be careful when using more than 3 colors as things can start to get busy and begin to detract from the overall appearance. So, arctic foxes are white, the base color is too. This is accented by blue tufts on the ears and maybe a blue tuft on the tail (haven't decided). The eyes are likely going to be green, maybe (that's my eye color so it's the first choice). It's still a work in progress but it's starting to get where perfection isn't even good enough.

I have also been thinking a lot about my name. arcituthis is a great name and does well when working in forums, but it is hard to say and it's very long. So, I've been working on shortening it. The first thing that came to mind is arc. In some places, I'm simply called arc. I like it and it's simple, but I have this funny feeling there would be a lot of people barking at me all the time. So, right now I have condensed it down to arcitu, arcito, or maybe arkitu (different spellings that might make it easier to pronounce). I still don't like it completely though. I kind of want it to be two syllables to make it roll off the tongue better and helps make it stand out (or maybe I'm putting too much thought into it but oh well)

With that being said (in ever increasing detail), I have made the decision that hell or high water, even if it kills me, I am going to Anthrocon next year. I don't know exactly what, why, or how yet but I'm going to make it someway.


  1. Marka's Avatar
    [B][SIZE=5]Arci or Arki[/SIZE][/B] so it doesn't get said as [I]Ar-see[/I] (unless you like that)... :dunno: :twocents: -Marka
  2. arcituthis's Avatar
    I've thought about it.
    I haven't ruled anything out though I do admit it would be kinda neat to have RC as a sort of pseudo-nickname. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.