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I discovered that my personality type is INTP/INTP-T.

That explains why I'm so different compared to my peers.

I've always found myself deep in my thinking, and is the cause for me feeling suicidal all the time, I see more possibility than most people ever see.

Like they say, ignorance is bliss.

That explains why I see multiple outcomes and get anxious over when I say nice to things to people, and have to think really deeply before posting something, then not ending up posting it.

Just writing this blog post, I'm thinking of millions of ideas and thinking in really abstract ways.

That explains why I always second guess and underestimate my own intelligence.


  1. Maxx's Avatar
    Understanding your personality tendencies can be a useful tool... knowing what things you have to work harder at, traps you have to be wary of. Just try not to use it as an excuse.
  2. arcituthis's Avatar
    My personality is INTP as well. I saw an article one time where it said the insides of our minds are like super highways but our connection to the outside world is akin to dirt roads. Knowing my personality type, I place myself in positions I would normally feel awkward in order to be a little more social and I hope to eventually break down what almost feels like a language barrier between me and those around me.
  3. LittleJess's Avatar
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