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A rare chance to use a real diaper, and got a bit overexcited.

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My girlfriend has some incontince issues. She always wears a pad at least, or on occasion Tena underwear. We occasionally age play, and I'll wear Depends underwear while she wears Tena.

Our little sides are different. She likes to be between 3-5, and I'm 9-12, although neither of us is set in stone, and we swap it around to suit the scenario. I wrote before about an awesome trip we did to the mall, both of us pretending to be cousins, who both had accidents, and wore "pull ups" as a result. The pull ups were of course our disposable underwear.

But we bought a pack of real diapers this week, a pack of Molicare pull up briefs. Amazing. The first time since my bed wetting childhood that I've had a real nappy on.

She wanted me to play as a toddler age with her, so I did. Being that young isn't really my thing, but it was nice to just sit around in a diaper and singlet, and just wet myself as much as I wanted to. Both of us enjoyed it.

We wore them to bed, and when I woke up in the morning, I put a hand on her diapered butt to check it for wetness. She woke up, and let me keep my hand there and feel her nappy get warm and swell up as she peed. She encouraged me to pee in mine as well, but I was so aroused that I had to wait for things to quieten down before I could let go. She held her hand on the front of my nappy as I wet myself, and Oh God, it was amazing.

I'm ashamed in a way, but I got so excited that I made another sticky mess in the front of my diaper, one that I was hoping to share with her later.

I haven't come in my pants since I was a teenager, and I was embarrassed, but she just laughed it off and told me she understood.


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