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Very good day with new friend

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I decided to visit the house of yesterday friends.
Friend of the house is in a remote location 50km.
I was moved by being pushed into the commuter train that was crowded narrow about 2 hours.
Japan train cramped a painful than in the United States of the train.
I arrived to the mountain surrounded by the city I, in the previous that climbed the hill from there about 30 minutes, was welcomed by friends.

He is a writer who has written an illustration in which the AB / DL to the theme from the old days, the work from ten years ago I have seen.
However, I had actually met it was from this summer.

I wanted friends with absolutely the same taste.

And in '10 right now, I put out the courage "Let's become friends. Want variety and talk."
It was was decided to put the voice in twitter with.

His attribute was AB.
The victims of neglect at an early age, while you want the price action, say you got to know this preference.

The reason I attribute was Little also, it is that it has become a victim of domestic violence (DV) by the time it was schoolage.

I also, he also, that it had a creative activity on the theme of AB and DL but knew each other, there is the even similarities origin, but he did not appear to others.

We talked about the future of the future of AB / DL content.
"The better fun content you want to be popular in the home country."
It is also associated with difficulty, but it would be fun mission.

While you talk, we have to ensure that they do not replace the diaper in actually two people.

If you wear the same thing to each other, something strong ties is to feel like was born.

Parting, two people were promised.
"Next it or talking more in many, and Let's play."

The next holiday is fun.


  1. BenTennyson's Avatar
    You are very lucky to know someone in person, who shares your special interests.
    I can only imagine how right you are when you say that it creates a special bond when two people are wearing the same kind of underwear ^^'
    I opened up to a friend of mine and he wanted to try it out, but afterwards he said it wasn't something he'd enjoy. At least he didn't push me away, which in itself is a great thing.

    What kind of content does your friend create? Articles? Books or Stories? I love to read. What about you?

    Do you think a little and an AB can get along well during playtime? I can imagine that they might have quite some different interests while being in little space.
  2. SakiKirisima's Avatar
    Hello. Thank you for your comment!
    He is an illustrator, I've drawn illustrations were well AB theme.
    Do you know you are a Japanese event called Comiket?
    By indie writer, it is an event to do comics, illustration, novel, game announcements.
    He has also hosted the indie creative team, it will distribute the booklet in this event.

    I am writing a novel on the theme of love that unfolds in a student dormitory.
    This includes of course AB, DL, also depiction of Littles.
    (This is so as not to go against the law and ethics, I am careful )

    Me and he is certainly good taste difference, but you have cared so able to each other and respect each other.

    Two people, but there are differences, it is because they really love to get the same item, I'll be able to get along with him. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.