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Agnostic Athiesm.

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I'm a agnostic atheist, for the sole reason that there could be a God, but the evidence seems to be lacking(scientifically), and willing to change my mind when there is scientific evidence for one, Really, I don't know, but I'm too smart to reject the possibility of one, that's my view point on God, I don't know but I'm open to changing my mind if there is enough evidence to prove me otherwise, ie scientific tests.

I don't mind religious people, I just don't like it when religion controls there life, you'll see what I mean when you come across certain types of Christians, the ones that reject anything that clashes with there beliefs, or the ones who are over the top and don't enjoy life for the fact of fearing hell.

However, I respect everyone's beliefs and don't push mine onto other people, cannot stand people who push there religion onto other people.

I think we as a human species should work towards harmony, curing illnesses, understanding the world around us, love one another, but seeing that nice people are a mere minority, this seems unlikely.

I think the best way of understanding the world around you, is by removing limitation, and understanding yourself and the meaning of your own life, nothing is impossible, your mind is what limits you in this universe.

I dream of a world of harmony and happiness, and a world full of loving caring beings, how can such a world exist, with emotions like anger, and self importance.

I'm a bisexual female, and I'm proud to be (MTF), I feel my femininity helps me understand everything around me and see the beauty in things.

Everyone should be free to wear diapers, It should be the norm, its amazing and there fluffy, I don't understand my love for diapers, it seems weird, but I enjoy it, just like I enjoy coffee, its a part of me that I won't come into understanding as of yet, why do I feel this way, why am I trans, why am I here.

Sorry, for the depressing posts lately, been on a huge emotional roller costing, fighting with my mind, Its annoying when you can't have control over the people around you, I want people to be nice, to care, but this seems to be lacking in most people(not everyone but most)

Peace and Hugs! :P


  1. Scaramouche's Avatar
    I am a Christian and I can honestly say you will not find any scientific evidence in God or his son. It was all about 2,000 years ago and the physical evidence, such as the cross and the ark (earlier) are gone. Such is the basis of religion: We believe there is a God. One of my favorite quotes is when Jesus returns and says to Thomas (nicknamed "Doubting Thomas") :Blessed are those that believe and don't see.

    Some people are religious fanatics and will condemn you if you're not a member of their religion. Personally, ours does not (Lutheran).

    I have doubts, too. Everyone does, even if they don't admit it. Everyone is subject to temptations, too. Such is life. We as Christians face these realities and do the best we can. My "Aha" moment was when I was taking an art history class and saw the art from the medieval ages. There were depictions of Jesus and the disciples in various images (lion, for example). Christians would be prosecuted for practicing their beliefs openly so they had to cover up their beliefs when promoting their faith. The art is amazing!

    Anyway, I digress. I will not impose my beliefs on anyone. I will be happy to talk to anyone anytime. I will not judge. I believe even non-Christians will be found in heaven. You have a good soul BluePanda. Take care and see you around!

    Peace and hugs to you!
  2. Scaramouche's Avatar
    I saw this story at NPR. Admittedly, I have not watched the video but I did read the article. Maybe it will be better at helping explain things better than I can: Reverend for all
  3. LittleJess's Avatar
    Thats, fine anyone can be a good person with or without religion, I just don't see the need for it in my life, I'm more of a scientific spiritual person so its hard for me to believe in a God, I respect everyone believes as long as its not extremist views such as "God hates gays" or atheists are burning in hell ect.

    I'm the type of person who wants to change the world, I'm a thinker

    I'm more focused on making my life and the world a better place, but here is the thing since I'm agnostic if there is proof for a creator, I will believe in a creator.

    Though my idea of God is the universe, so when I refer to my God, I refer to the universe and life in general (infact I kind of float around pantheism).

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