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Mulling things over

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First off I had a great birthday. Thanks everyone who gave me their wishes.

I still having issues with my job. A overbearing, demanding, and, annoying boss. I understand needing to do my job, but when I'm asked to do fifteen things at once. It's only worse when I'm asked why I'm not doing this one thing when I'm still working on another thing I was asked. I do the work of close to three people and only get paid for one. Currently I'm working on looking for new job hopefully I find something here soon.

I know I bring this subject up a lot, but it's the only thing that really bothers me.


  1. BluefireJay05's Avatar
    I hope you find a new job and it is much better than the one you currently have plus I would also like to say....

    Happy belated birthday!!
  2. arcituthis's Avatar
    Sounds like my job.
    "Why isn't this done?"
    "I'm sorry, I was too busy doing the last 15 things that were the 'most important thing that had to be done first.'"
    "That's no excuse!"

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