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Sadness :(

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After a week of random happiness I'm back to my good ol' depressed self.

What is the point in life, if no one cares about you?

Just because I'm different doesn't mean I deserve to be treated like an animal by other people.

why the fuck are the majority of people such assholes to autistic people.

Constantly thinking about suicide, however my intelligence is steering me away from the direction, because I know that If i do, I lose everything I care about, but I don't like this life either.

Seeing arseholes constantly getting treated and cared about, while a person wouldn't bat an eye to me, not even ask how I'm feeling, It's like I don't exist, what the actual fuck.

Being surrounded by fucking idiots and failing at school, is making me hell sad.

Why the hell do all the bad people get everything in life, while people like me are left with the scraps.


  1. boobybird89's Avatar
    Sounds like your letting the autism control and define you instead of letting YOU define and control yourself. That will never get you anywhere and you'll always be depressed if you do that, but that's just my experience talking.
  2. egor's Avatar
    I just saw your blog and went back and look at a couple of things.

    I thought I had suggested two discussion threads in "School house rocks" before, and now looks like a good time to remind you of them again. They are very useful when you are having these kinds of issues.

    If you have any questions please feel free to PM me about them.

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