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I'm Gay, I'm sexually attracted to men, I fantasize about this guy at my school.

I am romantically attracted to females as well, I just don't find them sexually attractive :/

I kind of feel guilty for being gay, but I know deep down that it wasn't a choice and it just what happens, people are gay, people are straight, its just the way we are.

I didn't know I was gay until I was 16/15, that's when I discovered that i was transgender my "homosexuality" showed itself, which is weird, is this a transition that is supposed to happen? I never really felt sexually attracted to guys, I did have this one moment when I was 16 when I watched some gay porn, and found that sexually attractive, ever since I discovered it, I've found guys sexually attractive more than ever, maybe its just something I ignored or my fetish took over more than the sexual attraction to men.

oddly enough I find cross dressing a sexual activity and makes me feel like me, I feel like it "connects" me to my real self.

I accept my sexuality, I just feel kind of guilty for it you know, because in my eyes, me being "homosexual" isn't normal and being straight is.


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