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update on being in the 1%

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So the incentive check for the solar panels I had put in back on November 28th finally came today.

People where wondering if it was going to be worth doing this. So here are the hard figures for the investment into solar panels in the Pacific Northwest:

Solar panel payment $2552
Power bill $931.41

total 3483.41

Power company payment for power sold to them $90.28
Power I used and did not have to buy $220.90
Tax credit for this year $5,900.00
State power incentive (for all power I produced) $1,298.00

If I did the math correctly then that means $6120.90 I did not have to shell out, and $1388.28 that I have put towards the energy bill and solar panels.

Therefore I paid my power bill and $456.87 of the solar panel costs.

Then if I convert the tax credit to the total $4,200 refund that we got. it actually comes out to $3743.13 in our pocket and why for the first time in 4 years we where able to actually have a family vacation this year.


  1. arcituthis's Avatar
    Wow, That's kinda awesome.
    I'm pretty interested in 'green power' and try to keep up with the updates on it but don't really see widespread adoption until the initial cost comes down.
  2. lilkayden's Avatar
    That sounds like a win-win to me. If only I had my own house, I would probably invest in solar. Anyways that's great ^_^ your solar panels will make you more money
  3. Maxx's Avatar
    You're welcome (to whatever small share of your tax credit that I paid for). It does bother me that the tax side dwarfs the actual economics of it.

    Otherwise, bravo, and well done for making the best use of circumstances on your own micro level and a significant project completed. I certainly can't fault you for taking advantage of incentives offered
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