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I need help

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It has been 16 weeks since I entered the military service... And there's so much to cope, mentally and physically. How do I even start this blog... I have decided to join the military and things have been going very well so far in terms of my expenses..

However, due to the fact that I'm a ABDL it pains me to say this but... I've been having issues with myself. I constantly cross between worlds the reality and the made up. After entering service my urge to become little grew and the fact that I can only go home for the weekend makes my weekday somehow glum and I feel un-motivated for some reason...

And hence, I've decided to write this blog.. How many of you here are in the military service and how're you coping with the work life balance?

Anyway, I will be graduating from basic training next week i have planned a trip to Japan for the 1 week off. After the trip I'll be entering my specialization course(another 6 months of weekend out) I'm actually feeling rather excited for the course though...


  1. ClandestineWing's Avatar
    Seems like you have a lot going on in your life with your military service. My wheels have always been turning, but I never felt the need to indulge in my AB side until I joined here and fully embrace it. Honestly, I kind of have the same issue going on and just wish the wheels would stop turning. Sometimes achieving your goals in the adult life isn't enough for us if we don't have enough time to wind down. :/

    I guess the important thing to remember is that you're putting adult life over your AB life, and if that's the most important to you, then so be it.
  2. TeddyBearCowboy's Avatar
    From one bear cub to another, perhaps I can share a little insight.

    First of all, no, I am not in the military. However, I do have a position that has its similarities. At times I am in a very military-style setting. It is where we are at war, not with another nation, but with mother nature as we battle against the ravages of wildfire and utilize our forces to stop it from its destruction. Working up to 16 hours a day 24/7 for sometimes over two weeks at a time, sleeping in "tent cities", having common showers, meals, etc. The whole setting is based on military leadership, although in the civilian world.

    There are immense pressures that take place and it is certainly not a place where you can find your little side very easily. However, when I am in this setting, I am as much in the "adult" setting as could possibly be. I actually embrace this experience. However, when I get the opportunity to return home I take advantage of that time almost instantly after to be my little self again. Often wearing diapers on the return trip home.

    I would encourage you to seek out those things about your service that you enjoy and focus on them. Perhaps there is some thing that you can do that may help you balance yourself while you are in a setting that you can't be as little (AB) as you would like. --For me, I have found that it is possible that I can wear the Depends real fit underwear without ever getting noticed. I will sometimes wear these while out for two weeks on a fire (of course not the same one!). It takes some planning, but I have been successful in my efforts of not having others know. While this may not work in your setting, maybe there is some other thing that you can do that would allow you to feel this little part of yourself. Maybe something as simple as having a small teddy bear that you can keep without being noticed, or even sprinkling a little baby powder on from a small bottle or something (they make these in travel size). Just something that can help you feel that little part of you while you are in a circumstance that demands you be your full adult self. If you want to be discreet about it, get a bottle of foot powder and empty it, then put the baby powder inside. --I doubt that anyone is going to question you as a soldier wearing boots most of the day for having a bottle of foot powder.

    It is all about balancing your life. Although I am AB, reality has it that I am an adult and must live as an adult in most settings. I enjoy those experiences and try to find fulfillment in them. However, that doesn't change me from being the little person that I am. It is all just about being able to seek out the happiness in whatever setting you may be in and whatever you may be doing.

    Just some thoughts...

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