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I can't seem to learn from my mistakes

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Because I am female, I will still get hit with creeps sometimes. They will seem fine at first until I make a mistake of turning on my webcam because they wanted to see me and my husband.

This one man liked my blog and enjoyed it even though he told me he was unsure if it was real or fake because it seemed too good to be true. That is fine. If someone wants to think that, fine. I won't go through all the trouble trying to prove myself to them. But we exchanged photos, he wanted to see my husband too so I turned my cam on and brought my computer to the basement to show him to him.

Then today he got pushy, he wanted more camming, wanted me to even poop my diaper on it for him, I felt pressured, and I am vulnerable to pressure so I ran off by logging out of IM and not want to go back on it.

Oh why do the good guys always have to turn out to be creeps. Never turn on your webcam, never say you have one. I had a feeling he was fapping at me so he got carried away. Why can't they take no for an answer? Instead they are like 'please' and saying 'how much it would mean for them' as if you are selfish if you say no and giving out unsolicited suggestions so you will do it and then you feel like you are making excuses to not do it and not being honest which is why I logged off to get away from the pressure, the tension, the confrontation. Now I will be too afraid to open any PMs from him or email. One other guy once got nasty with me because I wouldn't be his mommy so I blocked him and we had been online friends for years and he just got creepy, turned into a baby boy wanting a mamma creep and not also take no for an answer and pressured me until I gave in and then decided to get tough and say no so he got mad so I left a comment in my own Fetlife profile under the About Me section about guys who beg you to be your mommy, I say I block those guys if they do it to me and try and get me to help them seek for a mommy.

I can't seem to stop being so trusting and naive because I always think someone is a good guy and their intentions or good or that they are curious or interested but I keep forgetting one time will never be enough, one time will make them want more and more. I probably sound like a bitch on my fetlife profile but at least it will keep those guys away if I made them uncomfortable with all my negativity in it. I used to have in my ADISC proifle "Please no pigs" and then I finally removed it because I have not had any issues with any guys there and Moo and other mods do good weeding out HNGs so I figured having that there was pointless.

I refuse to live on demand for others. Hey if men want to fap away or watching someone poop their diaper, go to youtube or any diaper porn video sites.

I guess it's time to add to my fetlife profile, I do not cam for others so don't even pressure me or you are blocked.

Rule of thumb, never ever turn on your webcam even if it's to show them things like yourself or your partner just because they were curious you thought and then seem to be decent people. Always pretend you do not have one, do not share it. keep lying to yourself, it will become the truth and it will be so easy to lie about and remember to lie about.

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