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Got a new WIFI reciever.

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Well I do not know if any one even noticed that I had not been on for a week. However it never fails that when you are very low on funds all H* breaks lose.

I had a problem getting my internet to stay connected during the day last week then nothing. I thought the bill was late so they cut the internet, but know it was not late. I attempted every thing and still no WIFI.

I checked the receiver and it was to hot to handle. I unplugged it and let it rest and then tried it again and nothing. Tried the other USB port and still nothing. Then I suddenly realized that it was around ten years old.

Funny thing!!!!!

So payday was today and spent the $30 to get a new WIFI reliever and TADA I am back on line.

I hate computers, but it is so much a part of standard daily function that you have to have one of these "Pregnant Toasters" to be able to stay up to date on everything.

Oh Well.


  1. Scaramouche's Avatar
    I noticed your lack of activity. I thought you were ad about something. Welcome back!
  2. Maxx's Avatar
    Glad you're back. I suppose after 10 years its reasonable for it to go belly up, although it used to be that anything solid state could be expected to last almost forever. More stuff crammed into smaller spaces, smaller components, thinner traces = more heat buildup. Eventually the heat breaks something down.
  3. Marka's Avatar
    I had to swap out a WiFi transceiver too a short while ago... it was in a hot location though and, would frequently drop the connection when the phone was in use... ringing, voicemail, etc... It had got hot and had that silicon toasting smell... I've only had one drop-out on the replacement... it's not new either... I thought maybe it was competing interference from a similar frequency band of the cordless phone... but it was very inconsistent and, changing the channel assignments made no difference... including "protected mode"

    Anyway, I did wonder what was going on... hoping that you weren't bummed out or something... seems like a general [I]funk[/I] has been circulating recently...

    Glad that you are up and running again!
    Until next time,
  4. egor's Avatar
    Ya I was fighting with only 3 of 5 bars and cutting out. I did not realize how weak it had gotten until I had nothing.
  5. Milko's Avatar
    YAY tech stuff I've had the same reciever since I think 2011, how fast is your internet? Mine usually rocks at about 250K/s (0.25Mb/s) ^_^ I love slow internet, something about it just makes me feel so happy - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.