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as seen Mexicans in the US?

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as seen Mexicans in the US?
I'm not sure if I have the opportunity to go and live there for a while EU go would say cozy?
I wonder all that racism and multiculturalism


  1. Marka's Avatar
    Hola, ABDLionbaby! No me queda claro lo enunciado o pregunta que tenemos aquí? Supongo que podemos tener algunas dificultades con la traducción y eso es probablemente cierto para este mensaje también ...

    Por favor, explicar con más detalle, sus preocupaciones ...

    Queremos ayudarle lo mejor que se puede!


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    [QUOTE]Hello, ABDLionbaby! I'm not clear what statement or question we have here? I suppose we could have some difficulties with the translation and that's probably also true for this message ...

    Please explain in more detail, concerns ...

    We want to help as best we can!


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  2. ABDLionbaby's Avatar
    I will try to improve thanks
  3. Maxx's Avatar
    The controversy here in the U.S. is in regards to those who come here illegally, ie, sneak across the border. If you were to come visit as a tourist, student, or other legitimate means, I think you would have no trouble at all.
  4. Embrace's Avatar
    That said, there still exists some negative sentiments against Mexico and Mexican people. Some politicians aren't too friendly against Mexican people, or even Mexico itself. They like to see Mexico as a safe-haven for drug lords. As for racism, I live in the south and I've seen some blatant examples, but in reality it's confined to a tiny minority.... God... the people who fly Confederate flags out of their cars...

    Even we don't have much of an answer to the question of race, especially to Mexican people... Just a conversation to be had.

    Si, que Maxx dijo es cierto... Sin embargo, ahora hay sentimientos negativos al todos mexicanos. Politicos son enojados con Mexico porque es un "refugio para capos de drogas". Viviendo en el sur (Texas central), y veo muchos ejemplos obvios de racismo. Dios mio, hay gente idiotas que conducir su coche, mostrado una bandera de estados confederados de America (i.e. "Confederate Flag"). Pero, es un menoridad poquito que son racistas.

    Nosotros no tenemos ideas para reparar el dialogo sobre Mexico y mexicanos en America. Solo tenemos una conversacion para tener.

    And that's basically the full extent of my Spanish skills, augmented with Google Translate for the harder words.
    Y... Mi Español es horrible. Mejorado por Google Translate.. jeje....
  5. ABDLionbaby's Avatar
    thanks for answering I disagree with illegal no more dirty the Latin people but met people who legally goes and says they are very racist especially Texas say they hate Latinos are illegal or not if I would not put me nervous about the racism but I like to know how I would live the US * time for a nice rural location in terms of the drug is more drug Nicaragua or lower countries of Mexico

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