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Time to be active on this site. An update on myself, and relationship.

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I have never had so much confidence in my diaper wearing self. I always thought it was gross. But now, I look at it. I think I look good in a diaper. Being held makes me feel great. I'm not doing drugs or breaking the law, and most importantly, I'm happy and no one is hurt.

I owe two different parties that thought process. My girlfriend, and ADISC.

Long and boring story short, you people gave me the confidence to come out to her, and in the beginning, she told me she may not look at me the same way ever again. As we went on, she let me wear around her, and more and more became okay. She wears with me occasionally, now. But, I suppose I should actually post what a blog is for... (Recent events)

She's buying me my first paci tomorrow.

I told her I wanted one awhile ago, and it came up again. I told her I didn't know when I would buy it, it's scary for me, I have to drive far away, and she told me she'd do it for me.

This is my first pacifier ever and I'm super excited.

This girl is absolutely amazing. We've been arguing recently about little things. One night, after arguing, and her a little angry, I sent her a text telling her that I was sorry, and that I just wanted her to cuddle me. And just like that we were talking about ABDL things, and what I wanted. She was 100% okay discussing everything, as if we hadn't argued at all. Then she offered to buy it.

What else can a guy want?

So, tomorrow, is our day to just chill, and this time I'll have a new paci and I can wear whatever I like.

And I owe most of that to this community. Thank you, to everyone. Next update won't be so sappy either, I just feel good, and wanted to let the community know I am well, and that this site has brought me confidence and success. It just took a whole lot of patience, love, and understanding.

More on other things as well soon!
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