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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#207

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Late Tuesday evening and I guess I have sunk
into depression again.
Quite normal for an Autistic like myself who
has the social functioning of an 8 year-old.
It does not matter what the "trigger" was, but
it just happens to me.
Self-hatred after whatever socialization mis-
take I make is totally normal, and it does
take me days to cognitively/emotionally re-
cover from flipping instantly into feeling
profoundly depressed.
Anyway, I simply do not want to socialize
with anyone for the next few days.
Just being around other hominid primates is
simply "too toxic" for me.
I get emotionally hurt too much with being
around other hominid primates for even a very
short period of time.
Perhaps it is best to always be alone by my-
I suppose that all other hominid primates are
incapable of being trusted or believed in.
I apologize for my thoughts and feelings this

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