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This is your reward

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for not using safety glasses: Getting crap into your eyes which causes a nice ol inflammation.

Had to redirect an important network cable, so three days ago I was drilling a hole overhead in the cellar and forgot my darn safety glasses. Got concrete dust into my eye. OFC I immediately put the glasses on after the first gush but it was already too late. Yesterday I woke up with a red burning eye. Was bearable. Sometimes I get allergic reactions to our cat, so I'm used to that to a degree. But the burning didnt stop and got worse. So today I went to work and later called and made an appointment with my oculist before consultation-hour. I told the assistant my story and she said I should come in IMMEDIATELY. That kind of scared the crap outta me. Okay count to three, tell the boss I'm out and off we go.
Doctor says, there is still a foreign body stuck to my eye (wait what?) and there is also a ring of rust which he both has to remove surgically (wait WHAT???)
I was scared stiff. Well not really stiff. I was shaking. Having crap stuck into your eye is no fun. But this burning sensation isnt either and I didn't want to lose my sight with this inflammation, so what the heck.
Doc put a lil white ball that was soaked with some powerful anesthetic unter my lid and had me push onto it for I don't know how long... he went to do something else until that stuff had fully unfolded its effect. That gave me enough time to calm down and also that nice lady assistant took away my anxiety mostly. She must have sensed my emotional state.
The procedure itself felt pretty quick, compared to the time I had to wait for his return.
Doc had to remove the ring of rust (still cant believe it) with a surgical fraise. Surprisingly I felt not much. I felt the touch (felt just like a press anywhere on normal skin) of the tools. Only one or two sharp stings. Good thing the assistant held to the back of my head resting on the headholder. I would propably have damaged my eye jumping into his fraise otherwise. All in all it wasnt that bad, thinking about it now.

But now, sitting here at home, being forbidden to drive or do any work (I shouldn't even be typing this... that eyeball needs some rest but OFC its moving along with the left one while reading), anesthetic wearing off, that eyeball is starting to hurt. For real.
Glad I'm having my paci to get some emotional comfort.

Whatever you do, protect your eyes. You only have two of them.
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