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DISCLAIMER: The following is a 100% true account of a series of events that happened over the past couple of weeks. Despite my diaper-related interests, the outcome was unexpected and unintended.

I do not condone or endorse the use of unprescribed drugs or the faking of an ailment for any reason whatsoever. Do not get any ideas, this just is what happened to me, it may not go so well for those that try to replicate the situation.

For those who may not know me, my attraction to diapers started around the age of 10 as a simple curiosity. After seeing a friend wearing a diaper at an age I thought was too old to wear diapers, I became curious as to why he was wearing a diaper, but knew better than to ask directly. With seemingly unmonitored internet access, over time I learned all about the reasons people wet the bed, incontinence, and their use of diapers to manage their problems.

As I had not worn a diaper since I was about 3 years old, which I only have a vague memory of, I naturally wondered what it was like to wear and use a diaper. As I did not have a means of obtaining diapers, I relied on stories, videos, and pictures of people wearing diapers to try and imagine what it was like. It eventually grew into an obsession. I had a deep desire to wear a diaper, but no means to obtain one, and I knew very well that it was abnormal. I struggled for a long time trying to rationalize the desire or explain it away. In the end, I was able to continue living my daily life with those thoughts on the back burner. I kept it up for 16 years now. My secret only slipped out twice, but I was able to explain it away as a passing thought and did not suffer any consequences.

During the Fall of 2014, I hit a sort of funk. . .I was depressed and distressed because of family issues and the fact that my life was not going in the direction I wanted to go. Thus, I experienced a resurgence in my diaper interests. Not having much of anything else I wanted in my life, I had an overwhelming desire to at least experience one thing I wanted.

Note: I still live at home with my parents. There is no good reason to move out, but plenty of benefits for staying. Thus, I could not indulge at home in any way.

So, as I was commuting to my University and remaining on campus for about 8 hours a day. . .I took a leap and bought a pack of adult diapers at a nearby Walmart and stored them in my backpack and gym bag. It was a little bulky, at least for the first few days, but nobody suspected or said anything. My parents respect my privacy enough to never open them, so was only a small chance of being found.

I wore those diapers while at school for a few months, buying more as needed. I was able to wear discreetly, I do not think anyone ever noticed or at least did not care to say anything. For all anybody knew, I had to wear them for medical reasons and as far as I know, never showed any signs otherwise.

Anyway, that continued until the end of the Spring 2015 semester, and since I was spending most of my time working at home, I was not able to indulge all summer.

However, things changed. . .
At the beginning of August, I had to have a routine minor surgery. I am not going to bore you with the details, but it is something that should have been taken care of many years ago. It was not done earlier because of financial reasons as it did not have any significant affect on my daily life. So, anyway, I saw a doctor, and a couple of weeks later at the beginning of August, I had the surgery. Everything went fine, but left me recovering with a significant amount of pain, so I was adequately medicated.

That first night of recovery, I wet the bed. Although some may think otherwise given the nature of this forum, I did not do so intentionally. Despite knowing everything I know from reading this and similar websites about the issue, I was genuinely freaking out. My parents picked up on my agitated state and being an honest person, I told them I had wet the bed.

Note: I believe that it is always best to be honest and never lie; however, I do not have to tell everybody everything and use my best judgement on whether something I have not shared should be revealed or not.

After I calmed down a bit, it was offered that the medication probably just put me in too deep of sleep and I simply did not feel the need to urinate and these things just happen. However, it continued for a couple more nights, despite limiting fluids as much as I could and going to the bathroom before bed. So, for three mornings in a row, I awoke to a very wet and cold bed and feeling like I got very little sleep even with the medication.

On the third morning was when I decided to consider a diaper. . .you know it is one thing to want to wear a diaper, another entirely to need to wear one. . . .I also did not want to seem too eager. . .for all I know my parents knew all about my continued desires, but stayed out of it. . .Luckily, they brought up the topic. I acted embarrassed . . .I really was. . .and told them that I wanted to wear a diaper until the situation resolved, stressing that I could not take waking up in another wet bed- I really couldn't. They agreed and a little while later, I was back home with a package of adult diapers in my hands- the same brand and type that I had bought when I was hiding my desires.

Now, I am 25 years old. . .I did not get any help getting diapered and I did not and never will ask, would just be too awkward. They respected my privacy and dignity and never bring up the diaper and only ever referred to my nightly accidents by asking "how did you do last night?". . .which I responded vaguely in kind.

By the end of that first week, I had finished taking my pain meds, but the issue continued. The only change was one night I was almost completely dry. . .almost being the key word. . .but since I wet again the next night, only assumed that I did not drink enough.

I finally got in to see my doctor during the second week for a follow-up to my surgery and brought up my issue. Although he could not say for sure, he thinks that I suffered from urinary retention, which the pain medications and the general anesthesia I had for the surgery can cause. I was not having trouble urinating- at least I did not think I was -but I probably was not emptying my bladder all the way. Thus, at night my bladder was just filling up and since I was sleeping deeply on pain medications, I did not feel the need to urinate and eventually my bladder overflowed- overflow incontinence -and I wet the bed. He suggested that it would go away with time, especially since I was no longer taking the pain medications, but referred me to a urologist for some tests.

This is now the third week after the surgery, almost two weeks off pain meds, and I am still wetting the bed, but it may be getting a bit worse. . .Although I have not had an accident yet, I have been aware of a increased need to urinate. . .I went to the bathroom before a three hour lab at school this morning, but before the class was over, I was feeling like I was going to pop.

Nothing more I can really do beside manage the issue and wait for the urologis t appointment.

Talk about dreams coming true. . .not exactly what I had in mind though.
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